What is breathwork?

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Before I go on trying to describe (meditative) Breathwork, I want to make it clear that no description will ever remotely describe this powerful practice. It is something that must be experienced to understand. But, let me do my best to put it into words...

The meditative style of Breathwork I use will take you places you’ve never been before. It’s like a

deep journey towards yourself

 The effects would be best described as therapeutic, healing, or transformative.

Breathwork is like your internal, personal therapist that knows exactly what you need, when you need it - without having to speak a word.  I like to say Breathwork is like non-verbal therapy.

In a breathwork session you may experience what I call “riding the waves of emotions”. Anything from joy, anger, bliss, sadness, to laughter and everything in between can surface. This provides much needed relief and clarity.

I describe Breathwork as the journey back home. Back home - to who you have always been, before you become filtered by conditioning, beliefs, and traumas. It is the journey that you didn’t know you needed, and the vacation your mind craves.  

A breathwork practice leads to a fulfilling
  life beyond your mind.

Breathwork reveals your deeper self. The unfiltered self that is YOU, beyond your body, thoughts, and roles you play in life. It truly is something I wish everyone to experience. There is no greater feeling than to know yourself beyond who you THINK you are.
But don’t take my word for it. Breathwork can only be accurately described through experiencing it. Give Breathwork a try, you have nothing to lose, other than the noise of your all-consuming mind.  

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What you may experience in a Breathwork Session:

An inner feeling of worthiness

A deep state of presence, connection, and peace in your body that you have perhaps never experienced before

Release of anxiety and stress

A cathartic release of emotions 

Deep clarity of your biggest life struggles

A silencing of the chaos in your mind

Access to your true, unfiltered abilities and desires

Wave of emotions moving through your body 

Intense energy and aliveness in your body

Time become nothingness 

“It’s like I am seeing myself for the first time.”                “That was the most incredible experience of my life.”         “I had no idea that was possible through breathing.”   “I got more out of 1 session than 15 years of therapy.”  

what people have said

I was introduced to breathwork when I was studying to help others with disordered eating. My mentor at the time said “try this breathwork audio, and let me know what you think.” I didn’t have a clue what breathwork was. But, I didn’t ask questions, or have any expectations.

I pressed play on that 30 minute audio. The first few minutes, my mind spewed its usual nonsense. I wanted to quit, but something inside me told me to keep breathing. Before I knew it, I was crying on my mat, my mind was silenced, and energy was pulsating through my body. I felt like I was riding a wave of emotions as each one rose to the surface. My body released years of pain I held deep within me, that I had been trying to run away from. I couldn’t tell if it was 3 hours or 3 minutes later when she said “come back to your natural breath.” As I returned to my natural breath, the most indescribable peace washed over me. It was like someone injected my veins with the worthiness I had been searching for my whole life (outside of myself). I wanted that feeling to last forever. I was hooked, from that moment forward, I committed to a consistent breathwork practice. and became Certified in Pause Breathwork. Breathwork has played a huge role in transforming my
once all-consuming mental chaos to an inner calmness I didn’t know was possible.


Meditative Breathwork

integrative Breathwork

This style of breathwork is used for transformation, healing, and personal growth. There are 2 meditative breath patterns. It will take you to a deep state of connection to yourself. It releases repressed emotions, and traumas that are stored within the body. These sessions are typically longer in duration ~30+ minutes in total and done laying down. This is the style of Breathwork I primarily talk about and what makes up the most of my in person and online sessions. Meditative Breathwork is not for everyone (see FAQ below for more information) so I do not share these on social media, for safety reasons

This style of breathwork is used to regulate the nervous system, move energy, and create calmness in the body. There are several integrative breath patterns. Integrative breathwork is used as a practice to be integrated into your day. These sessions are shorter in length 2-15 minutes and can be done seated. This is the style of breathwork you will see me share on social media, as it is safe for everyone to participate in. Integrative breathwork is what I use as “breath breaks” throughout the day.