Mar 6th @6:30-7:30pm PST 
**recording available for 5 days if you can not make the LIVE session**

In this 60 minute virtual session we will utilize a combination of breath, movement, sound, and touch to facilitate deep healing, and release stagnant energy that keeps you feeling less than awesome.

Isn’t that what we all desire on some level… to FEEL better?! Unfortunately, the strategy that most people use to feel better is to think more.  Am I right?  I am here to inform you, you can not think your way to feeling better.

This session is for new and experienced breathers alike, as each experience brings you exactly what you uniquely need.  Participate from anywhere in the world with an internet connection on this deeply healing journey within yourself.  Let the power of your breath and the wisdom of your body guide you to uncover answers you seek from your mind. 

Partake in this experiential journey to another level of consciousness from the comfort of your own home.  Drop the veil of vulnerability as your breath connects you to the deepest parts of yourself.  This is your invite to join me on the journey beyond your mind.  It's time to stop living in your mind, and start living life.  

Virtual Breathwork Circle

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What You May Experience?

Easing of anxiety, stress, depression, and silencing of an overactive mind

An inner reset, leaving you feel lighter, grounded, mentally clear

Cathartic release of past emotions, wounds, and traumas

Deep state of inner peace, self worth, and connection to SELF

Increased vitality, purpose, creativity, and life energy

Higher states of consciousness, connection to source

Breath  experience

Wow, wow, wow!!!   I can’t even put into words how amazing it was!!! This was my first ever session and when you say “bliss state” at the end you are explaining it correctly.  It was the most incredible thing I’ve ever experienced. I thought “wow a whole hour I hope I don’t get bored,” and then I was sad when it ended so fast. Once I began the 2nd breath pattern I started crying and felt this extreme warmth in my gut, like it was healing.  It was amazing!!  Thank you, thank you!!  I am excited for more!!

Are a prisoner to your overactive mind of incessant thoughts

Feel lost, stuck, anxious, depressed, lacking purpose

Become paralyzed by stress, fear, or overwhelm

Can’t handle uncertainty

Don’t feel “good enough” or worthy

Have addictive or obsessive tendencies

Lash out over small things (often towards loved ones)

Live life on autopilot, repeat the same behaviours

Desire a deep connection to yourself

Are on a healing journey

Want to stop living in your mind and start living LIFE!

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I am available for customized sessions such as couples, family, splurge groups, business events, or guest speaking/presenting. To book a customized session please contact me.

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