The Deep Dive is sure to leave you speechless, clear-minded, and feeling on top of the world. Say goodbye to debilitating anxiety, and the noise of your mind. The Deep Dive has a 100% “Wow, this experience was exactly what I needed” expressed by everyone who has participated in this transformative session. I am confident that you will love this session as much as everyone else. You can expect to leave feeling refreshed, with an internal reset, and a new outlook to move forward. This session is fully customized to your specific situation and desired outcome. My promise is to create a safe space for you to express vulnerably, free of judgement. There really are no words to accurately describe this powerful session.  

the deep dive

What’s in it for you?

Deep clarity, and healing in a way that you have likely never experienced before

A release that you didn’t know you needed 

A major life shift in one value packed session

A life enhancing experience wrapped up into one session all about you, centered around your unique situation, and desired outcome

See yourself in a different light than you ever have

Freedom from the stories and past that have held you paralyzed

A silencing of your all-consuming mind

A  2-3  hour Breathwork & Sound Session combining various mental, emotional, and somatic modalities

A personalized integrative plan to support you beyond The Deep Dive session.

1 week of support to help support you with integrating what is uncovered in the session

what do you get?


Let me come to you.  I am currently offering in home sessions to Kelowna and area.  Or, if preferred renting a space (additional cost for rental)

who's it for?

Take a Deep Dive


I was skeptical of breathwork. I was always in my mind, nothing could help me relax. Being a busy mom of four, never taking time for myself, I felt defeated. I suffer from an autoimmune disease, anxiety, trauma, and obsessive compulsive disorder. After trying breathwork, I felt at peace, like I mattered again.

don't see what you're looking for?

I am available for customized sessions such as couples, family, splurge groups, business events, or guest speaking/presenting. To book a customized session please contact me.

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