Ready to Transform Your Chaos to Calmness?

For the person who wants to...

Experience life NOT consumed by their mind

Live life by choice, instead of life on auto-pilot 

Love their life & themselves


A Journey BEYOND your Mind

STARTS:  Oct 1st

What’s in it for you?

Calm the mental noise that consumes your mind

Free up mental space for the more important things in life 

Ease anxiety, stress, and depression

Live life by choice instead of the life you have been programmed to live on autopilot

Start prioritizing yourself and your needs

Heal your past that has held you trapped in patterns like: people pleasing, comparison-itis, judgement, procrastination, perfectionism, all or nothing mentality

Improve relationships you have with your spouse, kids, parents, and friends

Gain emotional intelligence allowing you to release and manage emotions that has burdened you from your past (often shame, guilt, anger, resentment)

Overcome obsessive and/or addictive tendencies

Step into your innate worthiness so you can stop searching for it in external achievements, or validations

6 Months of 1:1 Breathwork and Mentorship Journey
WHY:  Commitment is necessary.  You didn't get to where you are now overnight, it takes time to create change

1 Deep Dive session (on month 1)  to jump start your journey (online or in person)
WHY:  In this 1:1 session we will create a foundation for our work together

TWO  75-90 minute 1:1 sessions each month, months 2-6 (10 total sessions online or in person)
WHY:  These 1:1 sessions will build upon each other to help you go deeper into your healing

1 Monthly Breathwork and/or Q&A session (facilitated online to group)
WHY:  Asking questions is a vital aspect to personal growth.  Consistent breathwork is your super power.

Ongoing support via voice, text, and video to support you between sessions
This is a priceless component to your journey.  The transformation happens between sessions.

Dashboard of resources - breathwork, videos, PDFs, prompts, etc
These resources are there to support you.  I will add more as needed as the journey continues.

Free access to The Virtual Breathwork Circle  (monthly) for duration of your journey
WHY: Breathwork is going to bring you closer to yourself, and clear your mind

what do you get?

who's it for?

The person who spends their days consumed by the noise of their mind

The person who feels stuck, lost, repeating the same behaviours with no end in sight

The person who doesn't feel "good enough"

The person who Can't say No & puts everyone else ahead of themselves

Evolve: A Journey Beyond Your Mind 
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Breathwork has been a life changer for me. I was constantly living in my head, always over thinking things. I had a short temper and was not very empathetic. When I did my first session, I was blown away. I felt so much relief! I went from thinking "what the hell is this nonsense?" To "holy f*** this is amazing, how is this even possible?!" Everyone seriously needs breathwork in their life

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I am available for customized sessions such as couples, family, splurge groups, business events, or guest speaking/presenting. To book a customized session please contact me.

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