EVOLVE is a deeply healing 1:1 journey to stop living mind and start living life.  Start living a life that is not consumed by the all-consuming noise of your mind.  This is the closet and most in depth way to work with me.  This is a 6 month journey, which is only available twice a year as I can only take a limited number of clients at one time.  The next start date is APRIL 1st.  Learn more for full details.

EVOLVE: A Journey Beyond Your Mind

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Check out the local events that I am hosting in person breathwork at.  

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The Breathwork Audio is a perfect entry level option into the world of Breathwork or for experienced breathers looking to switch up their sessions. It is a great choice for people who find themselves struggling with anxiety, stress, depression, overwhelm, or generally needing a release. People all over the world have tried The Breathwork Audio and had profound experiences and deep inner healing.

A breathwork audio is what started me on my Breathwork Journey. I have used the same audio countless times, with different experiences. The bonus of the audio is you can come back to it again and again, as each experience will vary depending on what your body needs.

The breathwork audio (FREE)

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