Breathwork is a powerful practice used for deep healing, personal transformation, and mental clarity. Unfortunately, that explanation does not do Breathwork justice, as Breathwork is best experienced, not explained.

Breathwork helps to release stored energy that has become “trapped” in your system. This “trapped” energy may show up in a Breathwork session as tingling, vibrating, heat, cold, or an emotional release.

It’s not uncommon to have an experience that may be described as “psychedelic” in nature, simply through the power of your breath. Though, each person experiences Breathwork differently, and each session can be a different experience.

I won’t waste your time attempting to describe an indescribable experience. But, I will invite you to join me with an open mind for an in person Breathwork circle (2 available dates). Whether it is your first time trying Breathwork, or you are an experienced breather, your breath will give you exactly what you don’t know you need.

To avoid disappointment, don’t wait to reserve your spot, as these sessions always fill up!

Feel free to invite your friends to join you in a Breathwork journey. Your invites and shares help get Breathwork into the hands of those who need it most.

In Person Breathwork Circle

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What People Are SAyinG

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“It’s like I am meeting myself for the first time!”

“I finally felt like I AM ENOUGH.”

“I got more out of that than 5 years of therapy.”

“Why do people not know about this?!”

“My mind silenced, and I felt a deep sense of inner peace.”

“I can not explain what just happened, but when can I do this again?”

“I felt safe to release the shame and sadness I have been carrying my whole life.”


I did not know what I was getting myself into when I signed up to do breathwork.  I was really skeptical, but something in me told me I needed to try it.  WOW, I am glad I went.  I was nervous as I didn't want to be emotional, but Jennelle created such a safe space for everyone to have their experience.  I have never had an experience like that!  I am so grateful for Jennelle sharing this work with me and others.  She is made for this, and will make you feel so comfortable.

Gain clarity, reduce anxiety, silence a busy mind

An internal reset, leaving you feel lighter, and refreshed

Release of energy and emotions that keep you imprisoned to your mind

Inner peace and euphoria

Deep healing of past experiences

Connection to SELF

what You May Experience

sAve my spot

After you have registered, you will receive a confirmation email with further instructions

sAve my spot

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