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Do You offer One-OFF
1:1 SessionS?

No.  Here is why...
I know that this work takes time to create life changes.  I am most interested in helping people change their LIFE, and that requires more than a single session.  The only way I work 1:1 with clients is through my EVOLVE Journey, a six month 1:1 committed journey.  This allows me to go deep with each of my clients, providing life-changing results!

I do offer one-off customized family, couple, business, or group sessions.  To inquire about booking me for a private group session, please contact me at with your idea or request.

How often should I do breathwork?

I don’t like to give a specific number. It varies for each person. What I will say is I suggest focusing on consistency over frequency. It’s common for people to try (meditative) breathwork once and want to do it daily, and while that seems like a good idea, it never lasts. Consistently doing (meditative) breathwork once a week, for example, is going to prove to be better in the long term than doing (meditative) breathwork daily for 8 days then not again for 3 months. So, consistency trumps frequency. A more realistic daily practice would be integrative breathwork which is shorter in duration, utilizing different breath patterns. Integrative breathwork could be anywhere from 2-15 minutes vs a meditative session lasting about 30+ minutes in total.

My second session wasn’t as intense as my first, what did I do wrong?

An important thing to know about Breathwork is that every experience is different. It doesn’t mean it is less effective because you didn't have a massive release. In fact, it’s very common for experiences to become “less intense” over time. It’s easy to get stuck in your head that “it isn’t working” because you didn’t have the same experience. Look at it this way. If you empty your garbage can once a week, there is going to be much less “trash” to take out than if you only emptied it once a year for example. That’s how I see Breathwork. The first time you do Breathwork, it’s kind of like taking the “emotional trash” out for the first time in your life. Other things that impact your breathwork experience are going to be what else you are experiencing in your life at the time, and the scene and setting in which you do breathwork. You will have a different experience doing breathwork in your living room with distractions than if you were to be able to go to a studio, or join me in my Breathwork space. Note: I said different, not better or worse. Personally, I have found doing breathwork consistently, my breathwork experiences are less emotional release and more internal bliss. This also translates to me being much more calm in my day to day life, which I hugely attribute to consistent breathwork. The biggest thing to note is not to judge the effectiveness based on the intensity of your experience. Enjoy the varied experiences for what they are. Trust it is exactly what you needed.  

Is online breathwork as effective as in person? 

Similarly to the previous question, breathwork online is just different than it is in person. It isn’t better or worse. There are many benefits to doing breathwork online. Particularly, you are able to do so from the comfort and safety of your own home which can really help a person go into their experience. Of course, online breathwork doesn’t allow for touch like an in person session, so that also makes it a different experience. Again, the key here is different, not better or worse. I like to say online vs in person breathwork is similar to listening to your favourite band on mp3 vs seeing them in concert. It’s really amazing to be able to see them in concert, but you aren’t going to stop listening to them on mp3. They both have a time and a place. Personally, I do 99% of my sessions to an audio, online, or to a playlist. Very rarely do I get to be facilitated in person, because I do not have a local Breathwork Facilitator. The effectiveness is through the breath pattern, not whether it is online or in person. So I assure you (and I am living proof) that online breathwork is still very powerful. I encourage you to try both in person and online, to experience the differences for yourself.

Is Breathwork safe?  

Integrative Breathwork is safe for everyone. Meditative Breathwork is not suggested for those who are pregnant, and is cautioned for people with certain medical conditions.
Please read the following disclaimer: Please do not participate in (meditative) Breathwork if you are pregnant. If the participant has had or currently has any of the following medical conditions, it is the participant's responsibility to seek medical clearance prior to participating in Breathwork.  


Note: Many people safely practice breathwork with these conditions. But, please receive medical clearance from your doctor prior to participating in (meditative) Breathwork if you have any of the following:

Angina, cardiovascular disease, heart attack, high blood pressure, glaucoma, retinal detachment, osteoporosis, seizure disorders, major injury or surgery, any condition for which you take regular medications, severe mental illness, family history of aneurysms, frequent dizziness or vertigo, or history of panic attacks or psychosis.

“Why is this the first time I am trying this?”         “I will be forever grateful for this experience.”        “Breathwork has changed my life.”          “I can’t even believe what just happened.”       “I feel a peace so deep that I didn’t even know was possible.”             “I feel so alive and full of energy.”

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