The Breathwork Audio Journey is a 30 minute Breathwork audio session I created for you to experience Breathwork from the comfort of your own home. It comes with a video introduction where I guide you through exactly what to do and what you may experience.

The Breathwork Audio is a perfect entry level option into the world of Breathwork or for experienced breathers looking to switch up their sessions. It is a great choice for people who find themselves struggling with anxiety, stress, depression, overwhelm, or generally needing a release. People all over the world have tried The Breathwork Audio and had profound experiences and deep inner healing.

A breathwork audio is what started me on my Breathwork Journey. I have used the same audio countless times, with different experiences. The bonus of the audio is you can come back to it again and again, as each experience will vary depending on what your body needs.

The breathwork audio

I know a barrier people face in trying Breathwork is the uncertainty of what may happen. Experiencing Breathwork at home eliminates any resistance that may arise due to the vulnerability of doing Breathwork in the presence of other people, or myself.

The Breathwork Audio is a perfect way to experience Breathwork for the first time. Or to accompany your already existing Breathwork practice.

The Breathwork Audio Journey provides the same benefits as a live session, with the additional benefits of….

Flexibility to do whenever you desire
Accessible to come back to again, and again
Comfort and safety of being in your own space
Vulnerability to fully release

Some of the feedback I have received from The Breathwork Audio Journey:

“I can’t even put into words how amazing it was”
“It’s one of the best experiences I’ve ever had”
“I love how it takes me out of my mind instantly and into another realm”
“It was beyond unique and remarkable that is impossible to find words to describe it”

listen to the audio

DISCLAIMER - Meditative Breathwork

Your access to and use of the Service (breathwork) is based on the participant's understanding of and compliance with the following. The participant assumes any risk associated with the participation in the Service. In the event the participant is injured, the participant agrees to assume any medical and/or financial consequences.  

The participant understands that Breathwork is not a substitute for counselling, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, professional mental health care or substance abuse treatment. The participant will not use it in place of any form of therapy. The participant fully acknowledges and takes full responsibility for all the risks involved. The participant understands that it is the participant's responsibility to consult with their health care provider prior to participating in breathwork (Service) if the participant has had or currently has any of the cautioned medical conditions. In the unlikely event that the participant is injured, the participant agrees to assume any financial obligation incurred due to the participation in the Service. Facilitator, Jennelle Periard and Business, Beyond Your Breath, assume no responsibility for any medical expenses, injury, or damage suffered by the participant in connection with the use of any services provided. The participant hereby understands that by participating in breathwork the participants agrees to the disclaimer

If the participant has had or currently has any of the following medical conditions, it is the participant's responsibility to seek medical clearance prior to participating in (meditative) Breathwork.  


Angina, cardiovascular disease, heart attack, high blood pressure, glaucoma, retinal detachment, osteoporosis, seizure disorders, major injury or surgery, any condition for which you take regular medications, severe mental illness, family history of aneurysms, frequent dizziness or vertigo, or history of panic attacks or psychosis.

**Please do not practice meditative Breathwork if you are pregnant**

**Please do not practice meditative Breathwork if you are pregnant**