3b process

  I help people consumed by mental noise transform their
 mental chaos to inner calmness utilizing Breathwork and my 3B Process, so that they have freedom to enjoy the important things in life

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I am Jennelle 

I am a Breathwork Practitioner, Mentor, and founder of Beyond Your Breath. 


Mental health, mindset, reprogramming brain pathways, understanding and working with your reptilian brain

Rebuilding a connection to your body, and creating emotional intelligence

Breathwork, healing of past traumas, releasing beliefs, and regulating the nervous system

The definition of process is: continuous action, operation, or series of changes taking place in a definite manner. While the 3B’s are important, what we uncover through the 3B’s must be implemented through a process of actions to create the results you are looking for.




By transforming Chaos to Calmness, my clients have:

Gained freedom from their all-consuming mental noise

Improved their relationship to themselves, creating connection, peace, and ease in their body

Stopped running on autopilot, and reclaimed their LIFE with choice

Diminished anxiety and depression, even coming off of some medication (with the help of their doctor)

Increased their energy tenfold 

Uncovered their innate inner “good enough-ness” / worthiness, without having to hustle, achieve, or do more

Overcome disordered eating, and stopped diet-binge cycling

Learned to manage and express their anger in a healthy manner

Healed their past, allowing them to release patterns like: people pleasing, comparison-itis, judgement, procrastination, perfectionism, all or nothing mentality

Left their miserable job for something that lights them up

Improved relationships they have with their spouse, kids, parents, coworkers and friends

Gained emotional intelligence, allowing them to feel calmer, and more at ease

Ditched obsessive and/or addictive tendencies 

Learned to trust themselves, and make decisions without overthinking

Created an ease and flow in their life, letting go of their need to control

Freed up mental space for the important things in life

I am deeply passionate about the work I do and am confident that it will improve your quality of life.

 I practice what I preach, by staying committed to my own growth and healing, right along my clients.

 I will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear, but always from a place of love.

 It is my promise to you to create a safe environment, free of judgement, for you to share what you have held inside for years.

 I see you beyond a face, a name, or a paycheque.

 I see you as a human being with pain, secrets, traumas, insecurities, and shame.

It’s common for clients to tell me 

“I feel safe to share with you things I have never told anyone before.” or “I feel at home in your presence” 

I am a student for life, always learning more. I have completed countless programs, studied under several top mentors, and read about a book a week. Yet, the most valuable training I have received is still the experience of my own journey.

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After having worked with literally hundreds of people, I have noticed several common characteristics of the people I help. Not everyone ticks off all of these, but definitely more than a couple.  

my story

I used to be imprisoned by the all-consuming thoughts of my mind. I call it living mind, instead of living life. My headspace was total mental chaos, that I often describe as Tornado Brain. I felt lost, worthless, and never good enough no matter what I did. I tried to outsource my worthiness, always seeking something outside of myself to make me feel “good enough” inside. Whether it was achieving the best grades, a thinner body, making more money, or getting a “safe” job, it was all attempts at external solutions for internal issues.

 Not only did it not work, it landed me in a decade-long eating disorder, drowning in a pool of anxiety and unworthiness.

Spoiler alert:

 that strategy didn’t work. 

I couldn't keep living how I was, because I wasn’t living at all

With the help of several mentors, countless journals, and a consistent Breathwork practice, I successfully transformed my mental chaos to inner calmness. On top of that, I got my life back. I feel more alive, and more peaceful than ever. And I finally feel the worthiness I was searching for outside of me, inside of me - flowing through my veins, without having to achieve or DO anything outside of me.

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That’s when I committed to an inner healing journey that changed my life. 

What I learned (the long and hard way) is...

There are NO external solutions, for internal issues. Everything I was searching for outside of myself, was within myself. Because, I was what I was searching for.

Now, it is my mission to help humanity end the suffering they experience by being consumed by the noise of their mind

get to know me

I was bullied badly in school
Most of my hair was shaved off in 2012
Cozy will always be my favourite “fashion style”
I have never dyed my hair. Yes it is real.
I have recovered from anorexia, orthorexia, and binge eating
I despise gum, olives, pretzels, and carbonated drinks
I’m a sucker for trees, pretty journals, cozy socks, and peanut butter
I hula hoop dance and ride a Harley 
I never wear makeup (I hate the feel of stuff on my face)
 I have a 17 inch “Z” scar on my arm. I broke my arm hitting a snow plough with my car.

how many do you check off?

Consumed by the constant stream of (often negative and fearful) thoughts in their mind.
Perfectionist, overachiever, all or nothing mentality
Struggles with anxiety and/or depression
People pleaser - can’t say no
Indecisive, overthinker
Fears judgement from others
Compares to others
Tendency to control (need to have a plan)
Procrastinates or avoids
Lacks self worth, do not feel “good enough”
Plays the “when then game”
Feels lost, lacking purpose
Obsessive or addictive tendencies
Struggles with food and/or body image
Runs on autopilot
Lashes out in anger over minor situations


If you are nodding your head yes to several of these characteristics, take my quiz to help you find out what is keeping you stuck in your head.