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I am Jennelle

I spent years trying to change my external world to feel different inside. Turns out, there are no external solutions for internal chaos

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you're in the right spot if this sounds like you...

You feel like a prisoner to the all-consuming thoughts of your mind, that play like a record on repeat all day long.
You feel paralyzed by anxiety, stress, overwhelm, and/or depression that keep you from taking action on the things you really want.
You play the “When - Then Game”... When I (achieve the thing) - Then I will (feel something.) My version of this was “when I lose weight - then I will feel “good enough”

 You find yourself running on autopilot, feeling like you have no choice over what you do or think, no matter how hard you try to commit
Your overthinking, obsessive, and/or addictive tendencies take up valuable real estate in your mind, perhaps interfering with your quality of life.

You say YES when you really want to say NO. Everything and everyone comes before YOU . . . including your goldfish.

You lash out with big reactions over small things, like traffic, or kids leaving their socks on the bathroom floor.

If it sounds like I am in your

...it’s because I know what it feels like to experience the mental chaos above 

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i bet that you'd like to...

Feel an inner calmness to replace your mental chaos Go after the things you want in life without being paralyzed by fear, anxiety, stress, or overwhelm

Feel “good enough” internally without externally having to prove yourself by achieving more, and doing better Stay committed to something for more than 2 weeks… or 2 days

Have energy and brain space for the important things in life

Take care of yourself, as well as you take care of others and be able to say No (without feeling guilty)

Stop lashing out at your loved ones for minor things Go with the flow instead of gripping for control

If you think this is impossible, I understand, I did too. But I knew I couldn’t keep living the way I was, because I wasn’t living at all. Which is why I am soooo passionate about breathwork. My first Breathwork session changed the trajectory of my life. In a 30 minute session, my mind was silenced, worthiness flooded my veins, and I felt an inner calmness I didn’t know existed. I am confident that Breathwork and my personalized 3B Process will help you, like it has helped my clients

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